Hi-Fibre Brown Soda Bread – Sugar Free


High-fibre sugar-free soda bread. Handcrafted. Made from scratch daily. Made with Rapeseed oil. Naturally Yeast Free.



This delicious high-fibre soda bread was the original soda bread Sinead started baking in 2003 and the recipe we use today remains the same. Sinead’s father, James, was a diabetic at the time so Sinead removed the sugar from the original recipe and it proved so popular that it’s now one of our bestselling breads.

It is packed full of nutritious grains. We put back the goodness that’s removed in the milling process such as bran wheatgerm and we add in top quality oats and pinhead oats as well as nutritious sesame seeds.

There are no additives in our breads. Keep it refrigerated to increase the shelf life.

This bread has won numerous Great Taste Awards.

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Weight 540 g


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